Meet Our Awesome Instructors

Amanda Cho

I am a certified kundalini yoga and meditation teacher with the Kundalini Research Institute. Originally from upstate NY, I made my way to NYC where I spent over 15 years in the corporate world managing sales and client service teams. Five years ago the Divine intervened and pushed me to the Arizona desert where I began the transition from the masculine driven corporate world to a more feminine embodied lifestyle as a mother, wife, and yoga teacher. I'm an insatiably curious person who loves connecting with individuals and supporting people’s personal and professional growth.

I was drawn to yoga over 20 years ago, finding the practices calming and centering. I practiced vinyasa and Bikram yoga as much as I could, but spent the majority of my time focused on building my career. Over time I realized that there was a tremendous energetic imbalance in my life that was affecting my mind, body, and soul.

Enter kundalini yoga. After my first kundalini class I left feeling both elated and grounded. It was like reconnecting with my true self, which is one of the main goals of kundalini! This was like no other yoga class I had taken and I was hooked. The combination of physical practices, meditation, and mantra opened my heart and my mind and accelerated my journey back to myself.

Kundalini yoga is a technology designed to equip us with techniques that can guard against the chaos and stress of today’s world and to help each of us reach our soul’s full potential. I would be honored to help you on your own journey!

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Barb Gramlow

On my search for health and wellness over the past several years, I was introduced to the art of QiGong.
For the past two years I have committed myself to the study and practice of QiGong and it has quickly become an essential part of my life. Through this gentle practice I have transformed my mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Because of its impact on my wellbeing, it has become a personal passion to present and share this beautiful vibration of QiGong with others. As a result of my experiences with the energy and vibration of Qigong, I’ve chosen to expand my knowledge and practice of energy healing. Thus, my journey also led to the healing art of Reiki.

“Come as you are, together we will transform stress into vitality!”

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Barb Plunkett


Barb Plunkett (RYT-500) became a yoga enthusiast living in Northern Cal in 2011 by walking into an Ashtanga Studio to practice. Immediately she recognized Pranayama (breathing) through Asanas (postures) helped reduce stress and anxiety. Barb began teaching in 2017 and continued her education becoming certified in Healing Emphasis Yoga in 2021 as a Yoga Therapist.

Along with flow classes, Barb’s education in teaching modalities earned her certifications in numerous techniques. Her tools include Dr. David Berchelli’s TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) along with Inner Vision Yoga’s CSR (Core Stress Release) as well as Somatic Emotional Release techniques. Coupled with a Doctorate from Walden University (dissertation topic: Managing Chronic IIlness), Barb strives to help people manage a host of conditions allowing greater personal freedom.

Yoga specializations in Yin, Myofascial Release, Yoga for Osteoporosis and Arthritis, Meditation and Nidra, Restorative, Trauma Release, along with Vinyasa Flow and continued work around Chakra balancing; have helped Barb to promote wellness and self-reliant healing. Barb teaches postural alignment noting that all bodies are not the same. She also works to open energy flow by activating the Chinese Meridians. Compassion, education, and life experiences; shine light on her dedication to helping others become the best version of themselves.

“I strive to blend aspects of ancient eastern traditions to our modern western lifestyles. Becoming a yoga teacher helps me cope with life on life’s terms and to live a better life. Let me help you shine through balance of body, mind, and spirit.”

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Caitlin Cullipher


Caitlin's love and journey with yoga began after experiencing immense burn-out in a high performing sales position. Relentlessly in search of peace, grounding, and wisdom, a little voice in her heart guided her on the yogic path.
Quickly, she fell in love with Yin, Restorative, Meditation, and Sound Healing. The peace and discipline that yoga provided, was just what her nervous system needed.

Each teacher she came into contact with, inspired her more and more to become a teacher herself. She completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ. After completing training she started bringing her passion for yoga into the community!

Caitlin's unique approach to yoga incorporates traditional yogic teachings and sound healing with trauma informed languaging. You can expect to leave each class with a deeper knowledge of not only traditional yoga but also your own internal experience as a participant and observer.

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Carlyn Sikes

Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher Junior II, Certified Yoga Therapist
E-RYT 500, Continuing Education Provider

I began the study and practice of Iyengar yoga almost 30 years ago. I had a lifelong interest in movement my entire life and believe that movement heals when coupled with principles of movement. Iyengar Yoga brought my interest together in a system of yoga that brings transformation. In teaching this method students are guided systematically and progressively in practice of asana, pranayama and meditation. In addition to working with students from beginning to more advanced levels of practice I have an interest in therapeutic application in Yoga and am a Yoga Therapist. Through private work, group classes and the therapy class I am able to show students a way to heal with Yoga. I continue to study with senior Iyengar Yoga teachers, improve my skills through ongoing study in Yoga Therapy and maintain a dedicated home practice.

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Karen Leslie (KEWAL KAUR)

My experience with yoga goes back to when I was a little girl and was obsessed with my ballet classes and flexibility. I used to get up before school and do yoga with "Lilias, Yoga and You", a program that aired on PBS. I later bought some yoga books and started practicing the more challenging postures throughout my adult life.

After sustaining various injuries that limited my range of motion, I started reading about kundalini yoga, among other forms. I was fascinated with the combination of breath work, endurance building and singing and/or chanting many mantras, and the various meditation practices. I went on to complete Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, at the ashram in Millis, MA, which was a remarkable and intense experience. It is part of my journey into self-discovery.

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Kelly Gaona


Kelly has been practicing yoga since 2011.  With a background in social work, she was quickly drawn to the healing benefits of the practice.  She completed her 200 hour training in 2014 and went on to complete her 300 hour at Dave's Ashtanga Yoga in 2016 under the direction of her teacher, Cheryl Oliver. 

Kelly enjoys teaching many different modalities of yoga across the valley, including private sessions and small groups. She is privileged and honored to contribute her time and experience to yoga teacher trainings as well. Kelly’s love of travel led her into a partnership with a retreat business in which she helped establish, plan and host yoga retreats across the world.

Kelly is most passionate about Ashtanga Yoga and has a daily practice in Ashtanga vinyasa. She is continually taking workshops and classes to improve her knowledge of yoga. 

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Kitty Pope (Jaap Kaur)

Kitty aka Jaap Kaur (spiritual name to support destiny, Jaap means meditate and inspire others to meditate) has done Kundalini Yoga over 20 years. Loving the technology and as a natural student of life applied the tools so much and helps others apply them for maximum benefit.

  • Level 1 200 hr Teacher cert 2002
  • 5 Level 2 Teacher modules for cert 2009
  • Level 3 Teacher cert 3.5 years 2015-June, 2018
  • Teacher Trainer Academy 2007-2014
  • Licensing Level 1 Lead Trainer June, 2014
  • Licensing Level 2 Lead Trainer Sept, 2017
  • Mentoring Lead Trainer for other trainers including leads Levels 1 & 2 in 2018
  • Teaching private and group Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops 2003 – current
  • Taught teacher training and retreats 2009-current

Approach is Come from the heart and let Universal Consciousness be your guide, walk in light, be the light, and shine the light with grace, gratitude & humility. Support all with unconditional love and non-judgement.

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KristEn Angela


I have been practicing yoga for over 22 years and teaching since 2016. YTT was a life changing experience for me. It not only deepened my knowledge and practice of yoga, but it began my spiritual path. In 2017, I continued learning about energy by completing reiki level 3. Now, I Iive my life more connected to my body, more in tune with my soul, and more in harmony with others.
I encourage students to connect with and honor their bodies and soul. I believe that yoga is for every body, and as Krishnamacharya says, “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” Come to move, breathe, connect…mind, body, and soul.

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Kristina Rich


My yoga journey actually began on a meditation pillow. I had been practicing yoga as a spiritual path for a few years before I stepped on a mat. I, like many others, began the physical path of yoga after receiving a sports injury which caused sitting in meditation to be very painful.
It didn’t take me long to recognize the benefits of merging both practices. I became stronger in my posture which dramatically affected my state of being. I became more free in my body. I learned to control my focus and my breath. I developed a new relationship to movement.

I was inspired by my yoga teacher, Lesley Pelkey, to become an instructor in 2020. I have been a fitness trainer for 13 years so teaching movement came naturally to me.

I love intricate details. I love finding new cues to help my students experience their practice in a new way. I strive to create a space where my students can develop their own relationship with yoga that deepens their inner experience and empowers them in their lives.

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Lara Cade

Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT200)

I have practiced yoga since I was a teenager. My Mom and my favorite Aunt, would drag me to class. During the early days of yoga, I learned to appreciate time spent with my Mom and Aunt and began to love the practice itself. In 2017 I decided to get my 200 hour YTT, and I am know working on my 300 hour as a Healing Emphasis YTT and Yoga Therapist.

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Lena Walker


Hello you beautiful being! I am Lena. 
I am a RN, passionately devoted to empowering and supporting you in the reclamation of your health and sovereignty in Mind + Body + Spirit. I am a weaver of science and sacred, bridging the wisdom of both worlds into a holistic approach to healing. Some of the modalities I offer include Ketamine Therapy, Mobile IV Vitamin Therapy, Shamanic Breathwork and Psychedelic Integration coaching.

My background as an ER and Hospice nurse, along with my own healing work, has uniquely contributed to my ability to hold space in the darkest, scariest, most vulnerable places, while embodying compassion, nonjudgement, radical unconditional love, and unwavering steadiness. 

Amidst a life-changing spiritual awakening in 2018, I experienced a deep soul remembering that my purpose here is to hold radically safe space in profoundly transformative containers where aspects of you may die so you can be reborn into more of who you came here to be. 

I believe that your healing is my healing, and when we heal ourselves, we heal the world. 

I am honored to support, guide, and welcome you back home to yourself. 

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Mary St. Clair

Certified Yoga Instructor (E-RYT 200, RYT 500)

My mother introduced me to meditation in elementary school and I knew it was powerful but I didn't fully understand it at the time. I later began practicing yoga in college as a form of exercise. However, it wasn't until my 30's that I realized how valuable the spiritual connection in yoga was to the mind and body. This strengthened my desire to explore yoga at a deeper level.
I knew how great I felt but the reason why remained a mystery until I began studying breathing techniques, poses, the chakras and regularly practicing meditation. There were many books we read during my yoga teacher training but my personal favorite was, "The Power of Now: A Guided to Spiritual Enlightenment", by Eckhart Tolle. It inspired me to focus on the present moment and to flow with life instead of being stuck in the past or worried about the future.
Yoga has raised my confidence and helped me to find strength and boundaries in areas of my life where I was struggling. I live my life on the belief that love is always the answer and that acceptance is key to happiness. This reflects in my yoga practice and I seek to help others thrive by connecting with them through yoga and deepening our practice together.

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Melissa J. Seil-BUTLER

Co-Owner of ZenLife, Certified Hypnotist, Rapid Eye Technician, Reiki Master Teacher

Melissa has been working in the field of Health and Nutrition for over 20 years, Melissa has dedicated her life to helping others live their very best life. Having a background in Culinary Arts and Nutrition led her to open a food line and restaurant back in 2012 which she developed to help those suffering with diabetes and others looking to live a more plant based lifestyle. But her first love has always been working with individuals to help them maximize their own personal lives. 

"I found that as I would teach yoga helped my students get fit from the inside out; and all the nutrition counseling and meal plans couldn't really address why people struggled with their diets.
As I found myself in what felt like "hard times" brought me to the healing of Rapid Eye Technology & Frequency Healing."
Now Melissa works with people helping them rebuild their lives starting from the inside out using Rapid Eye Technology, Sound Frequency Healing, Reiki, Nutrition, Hypnotherapy, Meditation and Yoga; for a full circle of inner healing & wellbeing. 

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Nancy Trontell

Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT200)

Yoga has served as my life jacket at various times, and I want to share my knowledge and love of yoga with others.

Yoga is for EVERY BODY, and as a yoga teacher, I help my students physically, mentally and spiritually work through physical and emotional issues by exploring mindful breathing, stretching movements, and holding poses a little longer. I believe yoga is the path on which we become the best version of ourselves.

I promote the healing benefits of meditation and sound therapy. I’m certified in Shamatha Meditation, Yoga Nidra, and sound healing, and include these in my classes.

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Quinton Webb

Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT200)

I was introduced to Yoga as a kid but it didn't really resonate with me until I was an adult and after I was introduced to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. At that point I had one of those cool rare experiences where I felt like I had discovered something that I had always been looking for but never realized that I was looking for. 
Since then, I have gone on to receive my RYT 200hr through Authentic Yoga Teacher Training and have been using Yoga as an integral part of my life helping me as a tool to live with more sustenance and joy. 
I look forward to seeing you in class :)

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ReNae Ione

Looking for a companion on the path to self-discovery and inner transformation? You've found one! My passion lies in harnessing the power of the subconscious mind through breathwork, Yoga Nidra, hypnotherapy, and more. I also incorporate coaching, energy healing, and sound to create a holistic approach to wellness. This unique blend empowers you to embrace change, cultivate joy, and unlock your potential, enabling you to love yourself, love others, and love your life.

As a child, I knew I wanted to work in a healing capacity, but life led me through a winding journey with corporate roles in leadership, training, and project management. While these skills are valuable, my personal journey - facing challenges like codependency, rediscovering my sense of self, and finding healing - ignited my passion for learning these healing modalities. After a workforce reduction, I seized the opportunity to share these modalities with others.

When you attend classes with me, you'll be welcomed into a supportive environment, where you can unwind, explore, and find the courage to change. Come join a class and embark on your own Journey of You (JOY) - together, we'll help you create a vibrant, joyful, and fulfilling life!

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Susie Waterman

Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT200)

My yoga journey began at an early age before I even knew it was yoga. I grew up as a dancer and then when I was 18 I dove head first into the world of group fitness/personal training. I spent 20 years teaching many different types of group fitness classes but unfortunately I had so many injuries that I finally had to take a step back and evaluate exactly what I was doing to my body.
I began taking as many yoga classes as I could while continuing to teach all of my group fitness classes but I just knew I wanted more. November 2016 I made a very difficult choice to quit teaching group fitness due to a chronic hip injury. I became very depressed and was convinced I would never teach again.

I decided to get back into hot yoga and see how it would help my hip. This is where I became completely immersed in the world of yoga and I am so thankful I did. Less than a year passed and I found myself taking my 200 hour YTT and it has changed my life.

I am a better wife, mother and person because of yoga. I love sharing this amazing practice and giving back to people what my teachers gave to me. This is just the beginning of my journey and I am so excited to see where it takes me.

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