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Sounds Meditation Workshop

Meditation helps us to focus, relax, and ground ourselves in the present moment. During meditation, all sorts of sensations press our attention, and sound is certainly one of them. Some sounds can be peaceful, while other ambient sounds can be intrusive. Sound meditation workshops use music and other peaceful sounds to help you to relax deeply, focus on the present moment, and deepen your meditation experience.

What Are Meditation Sounds?

Two types of sounds can be present in meditation. Peaceful, relaxing sounds like music or a babbling brook can enhance your experience, while intrusive, ambient sounds like chattering voices may disrupt your focus. There are many different types of peaceful meditation sounds, but they all serve the same purpose. They’re incorporated into mindfulness practice to help you focus deeply, relax your body, and reset.

Sounds for Meditation

Meditation sounds come in many forms. These include peaceful music, nature sounds, mantras, guided meditation, and ambient sound meditation. Let’s look at each meditation sound in a little more detail.


When you step outside, you’ll notice that the world is full of all kinds of natural sounds. The wind can make a rustling sound when passing through tree branches above, water can rush, trickle by, or rain down onto the ground, and animals can be heard buzzing, singing, and calling to one another around you. Listening to nature sounds offers one of the best ways to truly ground yourself in the present moment.

When listening to natural sounds, it’s important to train your body to notice each sound and then let it go without trying to identify or hang on to it. As you continue to practice meditating in nature, you’ll be able to relax and benefit tremendously from this environment.


Mantras are a part of many spiritual practices and can be extremely powerful. Mantras are phrases a person repeatedly recites to fully connect with the words or a higher power. Many different mantras can be incorporated into a meditation practice, and the one you choose will be based on your intended outcome.

Mantras can be chanted aloud during your mindfulness session, or you can choose to recite them inwardly without using your voice. Both practices are extremely beneficial.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is perfect for people who would like to meditate without worrying about how it should be done. There are three types of guided meditation — mindfulness, stress reduction, and relaxation. When practicing deep sound meditation, a person uses voice sounds along with background music to provide the most relaxing effects.

Ambient Sound Meditation

Ambient sounds can be incredibly distracting for people new to meditation, but it’s important to learn to refocus your thoughts when they occur. If you find that ambient sounds make your experience a frustrating one, you can wear noise-canceling headphones while you meditate.

As you continue to practice meditation techniques, you’ll begin to develop the ability to notice a sound and then allow it to pass without stopping and focusing on it. There will certainly be unpleasant noises that pop up during a meditation session, but you will learn to accept each one without judgment and simply move on.

The practice of letting go is especially helpful as we relate our meditation practices to life. We have the power to choose what thoughts and sensations are worthy of our focus and which ones can simply be noticed, accepted, and allowed to pass.

What Happens During a Sound Meditation Workshop

During a sound meditation workshop, your instructor will incorporate a variety of sounds for you to feel more relaxed, at peace, and grounded in the present moment. These sounds may include sounds from different traditions and languages, along with the one-syllable Beej mantras of traditional Yoga.

You will also learn about sound meditation and its many benefits. Some of the focus topics include:

  • All about the language and basic alphabet of the chakras
  • How you can develop your own sound meditation practice
  • How awareness and breath factor into your practice
  • How you can help others with sound meditation
  • How mantra awakens prana to result in healing

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