Meditation Classes in Queen Creek, AZ

The Benefits of Meditation

At ZenLife Center for Healing we believe that true healing starts from the inside out. Meditation is the practice of deep contemplation or reflection on a particular “topic.” Thoughts that linger in the past cause depression, while thoughts that focus on the future cause anxiety; neither of which are helpful for our current state of being. Connecting with the present moment is the path to mastering your mind. When we take time to be alone with our thoughts, or bring focus to one thing in present time, we are entering the present moment. Studies show that people who have a regular mindfulness practice can experience much of the following:

Offering free weekly meditation classes, ZenLife Center for Healing is committed to sustainable inner healing. Donations welcomed.

  • Lower cortisol levels & reduced blood pressure as a result of minimizing stress
  • Reduced Anxiety in the work place and at home
  • An overall better outlook on life and enhanced kindness fostering better relationships
  • Improved self-image by learning to love and value yourself
  • Better self-awareness which can help eliminate unwanted habits and addictions
  • Better attention span improving test scores and work performance
  • Improved memory and cognitive ability due to age related decline
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Better pain management by diminishing the perception of pain reducing the need for opioids
  • Better sense of community reducing feelings of isolation when meditating in a group setting

Meditation at ZenLife

Weekly Meditation: 30+ Minutes

Once a week we open the studio for a guided meditation and teaching to anyone who can sit in a group setting for 30+ minutes. Meditation bolsters and blankets are provided. We do ask that if you bring your children, they are able to respect the silence so that everyone in the room can enhance their own experience. Dress comfortably, no shoes in the main room.

Meditation schedule

Free Guided Chakra Meditation