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What is Qigong and how does it work?

Qigong is a form of ancient Chinese medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years. Pronounced as “Chi-gong,” participants of this practice perform a combination of exercises to improve their physical and psychological health. Qigong involves long, slow breathing, gentle movements, intentional focus, and visualizations that leave you feeling relaxed, recharged, and at peace


Qigong is a very broad practice that comes in hundreds of different forms. Some of them include Badaunjin, Hu Yue Xian, and Tai Chi. Tai Chi is traditionally a form of Chinese martial art, but Qigong can also be practiced with a focus on health by using gentle movements, breathwork, and visualization techniques. When a person practices Tai Chi in this way for its health benefits, it is considered a form of Qigong. That means a person can practice Qigong while incorporating Tai Chi into their movements.



There is no argument about whether Qigong can reduce stress and anxiety levels, and most participants are pleasantly surprised at the level of relaxation this practice brings. Qigong has also been proven to provide a number of physical benefits by reducing physical pain in older adults, including neck pain, musculoskeletal pain, and lower back pain, to name a few. Scientists mention that studies are limited, and they continue to research the many health benefits a person can experience from Qigong. 

Qigong’s Health Benefits

Qigong has been proven to provide many health benefits to a person’s mind, body, and spirit. This ancient practice takes a holistic approach that leaves participants feeling relaxed and recharged, with reduced physical pain. 



Several studies have been conducted to determine whether Qigong can provide health benefits for people with Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. One study in 2007 found that participants who practiced Qigong had improved sleep and vitality, among other physical benefits. This study was followed by several others that found similar conclusions in 2011, 2012, 2013, and, most recently, 2020. 

Scientists continue to study how Qigong can positively impact the lives of people who experience chronic fatigue.



According to traditional Chinese medicine, Qi is a form of energy that flows throughout our bodies. To promote a healthy immune system, it’s important to move stagnant Qi and strengthen weak Qi so that it flows freely throughout your circulatory system, around vital organs and soft tissues. You can achieve this by successfully practicing Qigong. 

When your Qi flows smoothly, it boosts blood circulation around your internal organs and reduces stress, anxiety, and tension. Healthy Qi and blood flow help to improve your immune system so it works efficiently. That way, when your body is exposed to germs, your immune response will be quick and effective.



A number of studies have been performed on cancer patients who participate in Qigong three times a week. Each study found that patients could sleep better and suffered less from fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression. Even better, most studies found that patients with cancer who practiced Qigong also had an improved overall quality of life. There is still much work to be done in studying Qigong for people with cancer, but they continue to promise psychological and physical benefits.


Meet Our Qigong Instructors

Here at ZenLife Center for Healing, we’re honored to have two expert Qigong instructors who are happy to guide you on your journey toward better health. Barb Gramlow and Barb Plunkett each incorporate Tai Chi into their Qigong sessions so participants can experience several health benefits.


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