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At ZenLife Center for Healing, we believe that everybody is capable of yoga. When you practice, you are getting to know your body better and honoring what it is capable of at that moment — not competing against yourself or your classmates. If you’re considering beginning a yoga practice or visiting to see which type of yoga is right for you, you may come across terms such as “flow”, “Hatha”, “vinyasa”, and more. Even if you’ve been practicing for a while, the jargon can be a little confusing. Below we’ve broken down what vinyasa flow yoga is, why many vinyasa classes are heated, and how this type of practice may benefit your body.


What Is Vinyasa Flow Yoga?

You likely understand that most yoga practices will take you through a series of poses or postures. In a vinyasa yoga class, you will practice by seamlessly combining postures and moving through them one by one with your breath as a guide. This can make a vinyasa class feel more like an aerobic workout. Many practitioners enjoy vinyasa flow yoga as it can help them truly focus on their practice instead of waiting to transition to the next pose (others prefer a slower practice, which is fine, too).


How Is Heated Vinyasa Flow Yoga Unique?

Heated vinyasa flow classes combine the principles of vinyasa flow yoga — a series of poses guided by breath — with a hotter-than-normal room temperature. It won’t feel like a sauna, but it will definitely make you sweat! Heated yoga allows you to stretch your muscles further, develop your range of movement, and burn calories at the same time.

While classes at some yoga centers are referred to as “hot yoga”, this does not necessarily indicate that they are vinyasa flow classes. Hot yoga may refer to vinyasa, Bikram, or a combination of styles that were put together to simply create a more aerobic yoga workout. We offer vinyasa flow heated yoga. Get in touch with us if you have more questions about heated yoga and whether it would be appropriate for you!


Who Should Take Heated Vinyasa Flow Classes?

Heated vinyasa yoga is safe and beneficial for most healthy adults, but as you may have suspected, there are a few more safety considerations for those who wish to do heated vinyasa flow than a more gentle or restorative practice. Though yoga can be a safe practice for everyone with the right modifications, heated yoga should be avoided by pregnant women, people with certain medical conditions that may make them more sensitive to heat, and most children. If you aren’t used to heated yoga or if you have a medical condition, speak with your physician or health practitioner before trying out a class.

As a side note, some “hot yoga” rooms are heated to over 100 degrees. Bikram yoga, in particular, is known to be especially hot (usually at 105 degrees). Any of our classes that say “heated vinyasa yoga” are set to 99 degrees Fahrenheit and any of our classes that say “warm vinyasa yoga” are set to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This elevated temperature lends itself to an environment conducive to flexibility without contributing to dehydration and overstretching. Be sure to bring a water bottle with you if you attend a heated class to ensure proper hydration throughout your practice!


What To Expect When Beginning Your Yoga Practice

Yoga may seem easy, but the simplicity of the poses can be misleading. There are numerous “easy” poses, while some will challenge you. Others will seem nearly impossible when you first begin your practice. Try not to compete with others or push your body to its breaking point just to see if you can complete a series of poses. It’s better to ease your way into the practice and connect your movement to your breath — especially if you’re considering joining a vinyasa class.


More About ZenLife Center for Healing

We offer a number of classes and levels that will challenge and inspire our students. Try a beginner-level heated vinyasa class on Monday nights, or open your Wednesday morning with an Ashtanga vinyasa class. You may also wish to join us for a midday rest session or a weekend Kundalini yoga class.


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