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Kundalini Yoga Classes in Queen Creek, AZ

Welcome to one of the only places in the valley that offers Kundalini yoga! We have 3 amazing Kundalini instructors who provide a unique, energy-focused practice for anyone no matter your experience, age, or goals. Below we have broken down the terminology used and what you can look forward to when you join ZenLife’s Kundalini yoga class.


What Is Kundalini Yoga?

While Kundalini yoga’s specific origin may be unknown, we do know it is an ancient practice dating back to as early as 1,000 B.C. The term “Kundal” translates to “circular” or “coiled,” referring to the energy wound up like a snake at the base of your spine.

Kundalini yoga activates and releases our Kundal energy through holding specific positions while breathing, chanting, and singing.


How Is Kundalini Yoga Unique?

All yoga consists of asanas (poses) and physical movement, but Kundalini yoga refers to the poses as “kriya.” You will perform each kriya with a combination of breath work, sound, or meditation.

Kundalini’s uniqueness lies not in its physical poses but in its spirituality and chakra balancing effects. You will find Kundalini yoga is a spiritual experience that focuses on energy activation in order to balance your chakras – and can lead to enlightenment with regular practice. 


What Are the Benefits of Kundalini Yoga?

  • Stress and anxiety relief – Through yoga that is both meditative and energetic, your energy is balanced and stress and tension released.
  • Improves cognitive function – This yoga, like many others, can enable you to sort through all the clutter that may be fogging up your mind and bring you renewed mental clarity.
  • Spiritual enlightenment – Balancing your chakras by releasing your Kundalini energy can lead to profound healing and inspiration.
  • Builds strength & boosts energy – This style of yoga engages your core muscles with intense inhalations and exhalations like the Breath of Fire. You also hold kriyas for extended periods of time which strengthens the muscles involved.


Who Should Take Kundalini Yoga Classes?

You don’t have to be a yoga expert to practice Kundalini. If you have interest in the amazing benefits this style of yoga offers, come to our studio! You will never be judged or turned away based on level of experience or appearance – we welcome you as you are.

 If you are injured, pregnant, or have any other health concerns that could impact your practice, please consult your doctor first. We want to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all who come to our studio!


What To Expect When Beginning Your Yoga Practice

Come wearing comfortable clothes and be ready to make some noise and move your spine! A Kundalini class consists of several parts: an opening chant and mantra, a sequence of kriyas, and a closing meditation.

At ZenLife, there’s no pressure to perform perfectly or on your own. We have the Kundalini chants and songs printed onto cards for those who would like a cheat sheet.


More About ZenLife Center for Healing

We offer a number of classes and levels that will challenge and inspire our students. Come turn up the heat in a beginner-level heated vinyasa class, or detox with us in an Ashtanga vinyasa class. You may also wish to join us for a midday rest session or a weekend Kundalini yoga class.


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We’re so excited to join you in your first Kundalini yoga class! Sign up here for a spot in our class this week. Feel free to explore all of the other classes and sessions we offer or book a free consultation with us. Thank you for letting us be a part of your healing journey.

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