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At ZenLife Center For Healing, we respect and welcome every skill level and every body type. Our Flow Yoga classes are a big part of what we practice and are open for anyone! Continue reading below to learn more about us, flow yoga, and how you can find your best self at ZenLife.


What is Flow Yoga?

“Flow yoga” refers to any type of yoga where one posture flows into the next. It emphasizes matching meditative breathing to each pose, or “asana.” This ties your postures together to create an overarching fluidity to your whole practice. Your inhalations and exhalations typically define the end of one posture and the beginning of the next.

You may see the term “vinyasa” combined with flow yoga. This term indicates the movement in between postures that is linked to the breath. Vinyasa flow classes are common but can come with many variations – a heated vinyasa,  “gentle flow” or even “power flow.”


How is Flow Yoga Unique?

Flow Yoga is different from other types that have a set sequence, like an Ashtanga practice. Flow types of yoga have a flexible, free-flowing routine that can be easily personalized. This allows both you and your instructor more creative freedom when practicing!

Flow Yoga is easily modified which leads to a diverse array of classes. This can serve a wider audience and meet more people’s needs and interests! Sometimes these classes end up focusing on one area of the body, like strengthening the core, or the arms for example!


What Are the Benefits of Flow Yoga?

  • Spiritual Benefits – syncing your breath to your movement can create a sense of peace and acceptance that soothes your spirit.
  • Mindfulness – You may feel an increased awareness of your body and mind connection that brings you to the present moment and alleviates stress and fear about the past or future.
  • Flexibility & strength – The postures work your muscles and connective tissues to strengthen them and increase your mobility. This can decrease the risk for injuries and improve quality of life.
  • Immune & heart health – It is well known that exercise is good for your heart and immune system. Flow yoga offers our bodies those same benefits by improving circulation and relieving damaging stress hormones.


Who Should Take Flow Yoga Classes?

Flow yoga is well suited to any practitioner who wants to synchronize their breath with movement to achieve a deeper meditative state. Gentle flow classes may be more appropriate for those with limited mobility or any who are new to this kind of movement to build up a foundation.


What to Expect When Beginning Your Yoga Practice

We understand that yoga can be intimidating for those who are new to their practice. For complete beginners who have never practiced before, you may opt for a flow class marked “all levels” or “beginner.”

For these classes, your instructor will lead you a series of gentle poses to warm your body up and get you in tune with your breath. Then they will guide you into a more challenging set of asanas and end with a cool-down stretch.

Yoga can be strenuous, especially if you’re a beginner. But poses shouldn’t hurt or feel unduly difficult! Speak with your teacher if you have health issues, or you require modifications for poses. We’re happy to help!


More About ZenLife Center of Healing

We also offer coaching and healing sessions for those interested in exploring their spirituality and gaining the physical benefits from yoga. Get in touch with us to learn more about our staff or visit a class that piques your interest!

You don’t have to be “fit” to join us. We believe that yoga is appropriate and helpful for every body type. Come joins us for a class or two and learn more about the various types of practice, gain an understanding of the health benefits of yoga, and find a diverse community of others who are striving for the same healing and peace in their lives.

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Yoga is for everyone. We’re confident that we can help you find a class and a practice type that is appropriate for your experience and wellness goals. Sign up here for a Flow Yoga class and strengthen your body and mind in Queen Creek, Arizona, with ZenLife Center for Healing!

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