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At ZenLife Center for Healing, we see a lot of new faces regularly, and we love to make space for every skill level and every body type in our studio. Get in touch with us if you have questions about which class would be appropriate if you are new — or feel free to sign up for your first class online. Read through the information below to learn more about us, what we stand for, and why we believe so strongly in the healing power of yoga.


Come Find Your Flow

You don’t have to be “fit” to join us. We believe that yoga is appropriate and helpful for every body type. Unlike other forms of exercise, the benefits of yoga are for physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Come join us for a class or two and learn more about the various types of practice, gain an understanding of the health benefits of yoga, and find a diverse community of others who are striving for the same healing and peace in their lives.


Who Flow Yoga Is Suited For

“Flow yoga” may not indicate a specific type of yoga practice or methodology, but it does refer to any type of yoga where one posture flows into the next one. Usually, breathing meditatively and understanding the correct form of each posture is emphasized, and there is not likely a predetermined sequence of poses or postures. You may see the term Vinyasa combined with flow yoga, or you may notice that flow classes are marked “gentle flow” or “power flow.”

Flow yoga is well suited to any practitioner who wants to synchronize their breath with movement to achieve a deeper meditative state while doing yoga. Gentle flow classes may be more appropriate for those with limited mobility or those who are new to yoga in general. If you have questions, you can always speak with us about your limitations, goals, and wishes. We’re happy to help you achieve the peace you’re looking for during your practice!


Why Is There a Need for Flow Yoga?

Flow yoga is often the heart of many practitioners’ days, as these classes place particular importance on synchronizing the breath to movement. If you’re interested in the spiritual side of yoga, you may find your home in a flow class. If you’re interested in building flexibility and strength, flow yoga can offer many benefits to you as well.


Why Choose ZenLife Center for Healing

ZenLife employs instructors who are highly skilled, empathetic, and creative. You may choose an early Warm Vinyasa Flow class with Quinton Webb, in which all levels of practitioners are encouraged to greet the day with intention.

We also offer coaching and healing sessions for those interested in exploring their spirituality and gaining the physical benefits from yoga. Get in touch with us to learn more about our staff or visit a class that piques your interest.


How To Start Classes

Yoga can be intimidating for those who are new to their practice. If you’re ready to take your first step, peruse our online calendar to get a sense of which classes you may like to try. For complete beginners who have never practiced any type of yoga before, you may opt for a class marked “all levels” or “beginner.”

It’s easy to use our online system to sign up for classes. Simply click “book” on the class of your choosing and fill out your email information to create an account with us. Reach out to us if you need help picking an appropriate class.


What To Expect From Yoga Classes

Yoga can be strenuous, especially if you’re a beginner. Poses shouldn’t hurt or feel unduly difficult, though. Speak with your teacher if you have health issues, or you require modifications for poses. We’re happy to help!


Practice With Us

Yoga is for everyone. We’re confident that we can help you find a class and a practice type that is appropriate for your experience and wellness goals. Connect with us today and strengthen your body and mind in Queen Creek, Arizona, with ZenLife Center for Healing!

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