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Breathe. Practice. Heal. This mantra welcomes you onto our website homepage and is a simple yet accurate description for what we believe and practice here at ZenLife Center for Healing.

Our breathwork classes are the epitome of this mantra. We take pride in providing a safe space for the foundation of life, our breath, to heal hearts The rest of this page delves deeper into what breathwork is and how it can heal you.


What Is Breathwork?

Your breath is powerful. What you breathe and how you breathe has a big impact on your mind and body. The basic principle is using the healing power of your breath to exhale negativity and stress inhale in oxygen and positivity. This requires purposeful breathing to expel emotions and scars hidden deep inside your body.

These toxins can be literal ones from polluted air and chemicals in our environment or toxic emotions or trauma that our body holds onto. Breathwork allows these physical or emotional toxins to come out and good emotions and pure air to take its place. 


What Are the Different Types of Breathwork?

There are various breathwork techniques available that channel the benefits our breath provides. One of these is Shamanic breathing, a meditative breathwork practice done to chakra attuned music which can lead to reaching higher planes of consciousness. We have an amazing instructor at ZenLife who teaches this ancient breathwork technique. 


What Are the Benefits of Breathwork?

  • Calm your nervous system – Breathwork allows our minds and bodies to experience relief from the frequent state of overdrive our lives demand. This releases physical and emotional tension and stress by stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest)!
  • Reduces blood pressure & inflammation – Breathwork increases the amount of oxygen in the blood resulting in overall lower blood pressure. It battles the inflammation in your body caused by various factors.
  • Emotional healing – Breathwork opens the door for pent up feelings or trauma that our body is holding onto to be released and contentment and joy to take their place.


Who Should Take Breathwork Classes?

If you are a breathing human being, you have everything you need to succeed and are more than welcome to join our breathwork classes! All you need is your breath, a yoga mat, and comfortable clothes. We provide the rest at our studio, such as blankets and bolsters for your comfort.

Breathwork can benefit anyone with an open mind, so come explore the restoring power of your breath at ZenLife Center for Healing.


What To Expect When Beginning Your Breathwork Practice

As breathwork has the ability to bring out deep emotions, insights, and memories, you may feel strong emotion during your session. If you feel overwhelmed with the urge to cry, let the tears flow. Allow yourself to embrace any emotion that surfaces. Give yourself the grace to feel it without guilt. 

Don’t be alarmed if you feel any discomfort as the feelings come up; it will pass. It is your body’s natural process of shedding the toxins and negativity it’s been holding onto. This practice naturally floods your body with oxygen and in some cases may cause temporary symptoms similar to hyperventilation, such as lightheadedness or a numb, tingly feeling in the extremities. 


More About ZenLife Center for Healing

We offer a variety of yoga classes and levels that will challenge and inspire our students. Come turn up the heat in a beginner-level heated vinyasa class, or detox with us in an Ashtanga vinyasa class. You may also wish to join us for a midday rest session or a weekend Kundalini yoga class.

We also offer 1:1 healing sessions with Reiki, Hypnosis, Rapid Eye Technology, and Tibetan Bowl and Frequency healing. All of what we provide through our center is designed to enlighten and heal. Come experience it for yourself!


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Join this week’s Intro to Shamanic Breathwork class here! We hope to see you there. Please feel free to explore all of the other classes and sessions we offer at ZenLife Center for Healing. Thank you for including us on your healing journey.

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