Reiki Healing & Reiki Healing Classes in Queen Creek

Reiki: Universal Life Force Energy.

A Japanese relaxation technique where a practitioner helps facilitate energy to help promote the body’s natural healing process for physical and emotional well-being.

At ZenLife Center for Healing we believe that healing starts from the inside out. Reiki can be one of the softest and most effective ways to help promote healing. Our Reiki practitioners are trained in the subtle energies of the body. This form of healing energy is gentle and effective in everything from physical discomfort to emotional and spiritual stress.

Monthly Reiki Shares are offered free to the public to provide an introduction to Reiki and help promote peace and wellness in the community. These Reiki Shares are where our new Reiki practitioners have an opportunity to practice their new teachings with those in the community. These events are on a first come first serve basis and it is encouraged to register in advance because space is limited.


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