Healing Sessions in Queen Creek, AZ

Healing Sessions with Melissa

When a client has a session with Melissa, they will experience many levels of healing. All sessions begin with Reiki and Tibetan Bowls directly on the body.  This helps the client to fully relax (which is the basis of all healing).  In addition to putting the body in a state of ease, this will also shed light on the areas of the body where most people store their trauma, which can help the client begin to facilitate their own inner healing.  From there, the client will further experience hypnosis, guided imagery, or Rapid Eye Technology depending on the direction of each session.

People come to Melissa for many reasons: pain associated with physical traumas such as work or car accidents, repressed emotions that may be interfering with relationships, career, and overall quality of life. Each session is designed to help the client see their path to their own journey of healing. 

Meditation at ZenLife

Weekly Meditation: 30+ Minutes

Once a week we open the studio for a guided meditation and teaching to anyone who can sit in a group setting for 30+ minutes. Meditation bolsters and blankets are provided. We do ask that if you bring your children, they are able to respect the silence so that everyone in the room can enhance their own experience. Dress comfortably, no shoes in the main room.

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