They all said time would take away the pain. I began to really hate the word time. Every bit of it meant I was further and further away from you. You will eventually turn into just a memory.  I cling to a version of you that wasn’t real. I saw your soul but you don’t know him. I met your higher self but you are unaware that he is there. You are stuck in this world of pain and suffering and you don’t see the beauty behind your eyes. The love in the depth of your being. I longed for you to see all that I am and see beyond the masks and insecurities. I hoped for your strength to shine through. I hoped for my strength to allow me to endure that pain in your eyes. Time. They say ….give it time. And all will be well. Look at things from a bigger picture and see how small your problems are. What a beautiful life we have. I feel your presence around me. I feel your heart beating. I can smell you. Time …time.