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A New Normal – Manifesting Life

Finding a New Normal – Manifesting Your Life I find myself feeling like I just free fell out of a plane and landed in a new land. Everything is new around me, my job, my thoughts, where I live, what I drive and what I am eating. All of these things are a direct...

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Time.   They all said time would take away the pain. I began to really hate the word time. Every bit of it meant I was further and further away from you. You will eventually turn into just a memory.  I cling to a version of you that wasn’t real. I saw your soul but...

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The Path to Healing

The path to healing   Trauma on top of trauma on top of trauma, she said. I looked at her with a sigh of relief for at this moment someone was validating what I have been through. But, now what? How do I stop letting the past paralyze me forever? How do I fix me so...

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